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PG-9 Reliability of Timeliness in Financial Reporting in Nigeria 5 (4555) Accounting The broad objective of the study is to examine corporate attributes and timeliness of financial reporting in selected quoted companies. The specific objectives are to examine the effect of firm age, profitability and firm size on timelines. The longitudinal research design was used for the study with an extensive reliance on secondary data retrieved from annual reports. The sample for the study comprises of quoted firms across sectors of the Nigerian stock exchange. A sample of 40 companies from 2010-2015 was used for the study. The method of data analysis adopted is the descriptive statistics, correlation statistics and the regression analysis. Specifically, the Generalized Least Square Regression (GLS) was conducted. The technique is employed to provide robust insight into the subject matter. This study found the following; firm age has no significant effect on financial reporting timelines; profitability has no significant effect on financial reporting timelines and firm size has no significant effect on financial reporting timelines. The study recommends the need for companies to improve the timeliness of their financial reporting. Companies should put in place measures of reducing the time lag between the financial year end and the Annual General Meeting (AGM) in order to boost the confidence the financial statement users have in using financial statements for decision making.
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